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Business Consulting that Works

Finding the best solution for your business' vehicle and transportation requirements can be a complicated process. Make the best choice by relying on the business consulting services at Trucks of Little Rock Inc. Banks and financial institutions rely on our accurate truck appraisals. We can help maximize your profit when you need to liquidate your used truck or trailer inventory or consult with you to rejuvenate the trucking side of your business. We'll answer your questions about selling, remarketing or trading  your trucks and trailers, and we offer valuable advice for dealerships on how to set up an efficient and effective used truck sales and detailing departments.

Loan Appoval

* Retail

If you're in the market for a used vehicle, you can rely on us to find the right retail truck to suit your needs. Our inventory of retail trucks will vary, so please check with us to see how we can help you obtain the truck you are looking for.

*Find a Truck

If you are looking for a group of trucks, a speciality truck, or for any truck that you cannot find, give us a call or click on the "contact us" tab and fill out the form with information and we will find you the right truck at the right price.

*Financing that Makes Sense

Get the financing for the trucks your business is looking for. We offer a variety of financing options and opportunities that make sense for your requirements and budget. Sit down with us, and let us help you get the right truck or trailer at terms that will save you money "and" make you smile!